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Safer, Compliant Workplaces Through Next-Generation Software

SMG's years of expertise in process management have shaped the development of SMG Branchworks, a new software tool that guides users through easy-to-use workflows and advises on best practices at each step of the way. Contact us to experience it for yourself.

Coverage Areas

Employee Training Tracking & Management
Training Compliance Reporting
Document Management

Powerful Tools for Ensuring Training Compliance

SMG Branchworks turns passive policy documents into actionable training workflows. Track orientation and other initial employee training, re-training, recertification, and training as corrective actions, all from one easy-to-use interface.

Digital Records for Peace of Mind

SMG Branchworks provides a complete audit trail through automatically updating logs of completed trainings, re-training associated with corrective actions, and certifications in need of renewal, to make it easy to ensure your employees’ training is compliant, up-to-date, and appropriate for their job duties.

Mobile Features Engage Employees in the Field

Actively engage your employees in the training process through mobile interfaces for accessing reviewing training documents. Easily verify on-site training sessions through electronic signature prompts delivered to your employee’s phones via text message or email.

Process Improvement Across the Board

SMG Branchworks provides features and workflows to support the particular needs of various roles within your organization. Automatic reporting provides managers with on-demand gap analysis between current and ideal levels of training compliance.

Trainers have real-time access to training materials and lesson plans. Organizational dashboards and simple workflows empower administrators to easily manage policy documents plus schedule, track, and verify employee training sessions.

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Features at a glance

Training Topic Management

Manage the lesson plans, training materials, and other information that should be covered in each of your Training Topics at a given time.

Employee File

Individual records for each employee show their entire training and policy history throughout their time of employment. 

Policy Management

Securely store and access all of your corporate policies in one place, with built-in versioning for policies and exact record-keeping of distributed and counter-signed documents.

eSignature for Training Records

Employees can sign training records directly on their devices. If particular policies need to be distributed with the record, the employee will automatically receive digital copies of those documents  for their records.

Roles Management

Assign Training Topics and Policies that are required for each job role in each department.

Management Compliance Reports

Detailed compliance reports give your management insights into how each branch, department, and the entire organization currently stands in training compliance.

Training Invitations

Employees receive invitations to scheduled trainings directly on their phones or via email. 

Manage Trainers

Manage a list of trainers and their certifications for particular Training Topics.

Trainer Screen

Registered trainers can use the companion screen to conduct live trainings. Each training topic or policy can be checked off in real-time. After successfully completing the training session, every employee in attendance will receive a training record to sign.

Communication Preferences

Choose per organization or individually whether you prefer to communicate with your staff via text message and/or email.

Employee Importer

Import employee data directly from your payroll system with our easy-to-use CSV importer.

Departments & Locations Features

SMG Branchworks allows large organizations to model various segments of your enterprise by department or location. These definitions can be used for reporting and permission sets.

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