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Transportation Safety Program – Administrative Support & Consulting

To get the most out of your safety program Safeway Management Group’s team of Safety Professionals and Administrators can assist with scheduling, preparation and accuracy of documentation and tasks. We ensure your company’s safety requirements and compliance concerns are met.

Our Administrative Support & Consulting Service also includes our Transportation Safety Software.

This service provides a competent staff at your fingertips and includes:

  • Our experienced and professional administrative staff will report your Vehicle Accidents directly to your insurance company and begin the investigation process as well as enter the data into the Transportation Safety Software.
  • We will act on your behalf as a Third Party liaison and communicate accident details and information to your insurance company, customers, attorneys or brokers.
  • Make DOT Recordable accident determinations .
  • Assist in scheduling vehicle appraisals.
  • Create accident scene diagrams.
  • Upload and distribute photos, documents and statements to insurance companies.
  • Maintain cost and loss control information from the insurance company.
  • Communicate with insurance companies and your managers on the status of claims and any updates or issues related to claim resolution or cost recovery.
  • Create Accident Reporting kits that contain a first report, camera, photo instruction sheet and contact card to store in your fleet.
  • Set up and schedule Safety Meetings including notes, open items, vehicle accident information, and compile Safety Meeting Minutes.
  • File and archive your MCS-150 and Unified Carrier Registration.
  • Deliver Monthly Transportation Safety Topics right to your inbox.
  • Our expert Safety Professionals and customer support team will be readily available to answer any of your transportation safety and compliance related questions.
  • Consult and update your personnel of any applicable changes to FMCSA and DOT regulations.

Click here to view our safety management software and features. You can also request a demo, or contact us directly about our support services at 1-877-SMG-1RPO.


Transportation Safety App

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